The participation concept aula enables active involvement in practice. With the help of an online platform, the participation process is organised, structured and made transparent for everyone.

The concept combines political and digital education, promotes democratic practices and competences and makes participation tangible in the living space of the participants. Due to its modularity, it can be used in many different contexts. Both the software and the didactic accompanying material are available as open educational resources (license AGPLv3 or CC-BY). 

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aula for schools

Foto: Daniel Schoenen

We have been successfully using aula in secondary schools since 2016. The participation concept enables all pupils to have an active say in everyday school life. With the help of an online platform and didactic material, aula promotes democratic practices and competencies.

aula for municipal youth participation

Photo: Daniel Schoenen

With aula, young people in all participation structures can organise their ideas and projects independently. The use of a digital platform is suitable for coordinating the use of financial resources and for planning and implementing individual projects. That way, young people can not only network beyond their region, but can also work together on their ideas, contribute suggestions for improvement, discuss and vote.

aula for organizations

Photo: Daniel Schoenen

Participation with aula is conceivable and feasible in any environment. The preconditions for the integration of aula are given at the moment you decide to support the participation process in your institution digitally.