Dejan Mihajlovic

Dejan teaches Chemistry, History, Maths and Ethics at the Pestalozzi Realschule in Freiburg. He also leads the Freiburg regional committee for pupil representation in schools (SMV). Dejan is the specialist advisor on school and teaching improvement for the state education authority, as well as serving as the representative for school councils and pupil representation at state government level. Since February 2018 he has acted as a co-ordinator for the Baden-Württemberg government programme for digitalisation in the state’s schools. He is a columnist for change magazine and the German Schools Portal, writing about education and digital change. He leads workshops, gives lectures and organises and moderates conferences. As well as this he is on the boards of the Oberwiehre-Waldsee civic association and the Freiburg Migrant Advisory Council. He also serves on the board of the D64 centre for digital progress.